One good thing came from the green bay school closings due to the below zero temperatures in Wisconsin during January. Even though it sounds funny, the officials of this school learned that kids in elementary school really love kiwi.

The school district’s food department bought kiwi -which is a very rare tropical fruit for Wisconsin- for a special program. However, when the extremely cold weather led to the closing of the school, the fruit had to be used very quickly since it can’t resist those temperatures. The fruit was served to Elementary kids and they went crazy. They wanted to have Kiwi every day.  

So, families from Wisconsin are now including kiwi into their diets. It is very odd that kids of that certain age are so crazy for fruit or vegetable. So, the cold temperature led to parent’s getting to know a fruit which their kids actually like. Families are taking really good care of their children meals due to the low temperatures in which kids need to have good meals in order to be healthy during the season. 

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